Infused with Coconut oil ,alive oil ,argan oil , this sulfate free cream shampoo

is gentle enough for the most fragile and distressed hair,

leaving it stronger and healthier.When hair is damaged daily from heat styling to everyday weather conditions,

it becomes hard to manage and rough to the touch.

So we’ve created this gentle cleanser that strengthens each strand’s core—repairing and softening weakened, extremely damaged hair.

Repairing Sulfate Free Shampoo

For Daily Damage Repair/Anti-Breakage

Simply apply to wet hair and massage into the scalp until you see a good lather.

You handle the rinse and, if needed, then repeat…we’ll handle the repair.

Sulfate Free, No Parabens,

No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil,

No Artificial Colors

Daily damage rpair,for extremely damaged,over-processed hair.

Daily Damage Repair/Anti-Breakage

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