Clear out commercial conditioners, shine, and styling product,

and replace them with this all-natural solution! Whether you have colored, dry, damaged or fragile hair,

it is important to use the right product to repair and nourish from the roots to the ends.

Improve texture, manageability and shine with this sulfate-free, paraben-free super conditioner.

It’s perfect for frizzy hair, curly hair, and color treated hair.

Hair mask doesn’t necessarily have to be something you use every once in a while: why not make it a part of your hair routine?

Use your hands and fingers to evenly distribute throughout hair, piece-by-piece,

beginning at the scalp and all the way through each strand.

Massage the product in from the roots to the tips then comb through your hair with your fingers.

​Leave the mask on for up to 20 mins, depending on your hair condition.

How often you should use the mask depends on your hair type.

Ideally, you should use it every time you wash your hair, but once a week is okay.

If you have dry or frizzy hair, leave the mask on overnight.

Lather hair with cool water before rinsing gently.

How easy it is to get this magical deep conditioner out of your hair depends on your hair type and your shampoo.​

Ity may take a couple of washes but remeber to be gentle with your hair!

1.)Purest Natural Ingredients

This professional salon grade, hydrating, deep-repair hair mask contains 100% natural coconut oil,

argan oil, shea butter, rosehip seed oil and Vitamins E and B5.

These essential ingredients maximize benefits for dry damaged hair:

2.)Coconut Oil: Most oils just coat your hair providing minimal moisturizing and repair,

but not coconut oil. Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize from within,

repair damaged hair, and protect your hair from future damage from hair products & heat.

3.)Shea butter: Has similar benefits for frizzy and curly hair as coconut oil,

alleviating dandruff and providing overall protection from harsh climate.

4.)Argan oil: Rich in Vitamin C, which helps boost cell production and promote healthy hair and scalp.

It’s also a great leave-in conditioner, helping prevent heat dagmage.

5.)Rosehip seed oil: Full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that hydrates dry, itchy skin.

1.) Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil Hair Mask Conditioner

2.)Coconut oil with shea butter helps promote hair healthy,

prevent greying and repair split ends, making it a perfect hair cream for women and men

3.)Sulfate-free hair cream that contains highest quality cosmetic

4.)grade coconut oil, great for color treated, frizzy, and curly hair

Pure Body Naturals fosters sustainable relationships

with artisan partners around the world to bring you tested, safe products.

5.)Always free of nasty chemicals, toxins, added fragrances, parabens, dyes,

alcohol, phthalates, bronopol, methylisothiazolinone

6.)Moisturizes both hair and scalp; Anti-fungal and gets rid of dandruff;

Protects hair from losing protein when washing which results in thicker hair;

Contains vitamin E and lauric acid, both are essential for strong, healthy hair and prevent hair loss;

Contains fatty acids that strengthen, reduce split ends and create a healthy shine.

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